Every crystal has its own vibrational healing energies. Jeannie Francis will help us with the crystals and there meanings.

Monday, November 20th at 6:30 pm to be held in the store.

Every crystal has its own vibrational healing energies. Learn how we can capture these energies to use in raising our own vibration. Jeannie will teach how to encapsulate these energy properties and use them in our daily lives.  Ideas and handouts on how to infuse the vibration into your daily routine. You will receive a list of some of the crystals and what their vibrations are.
$20.00 in advance, $25.00 at the door.  MUST REGISTER so we know how many chairs we need
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A Little bit about Jeannie Francis
Jeannie Francis has been working with crystals from the very young age of 3. Jeannie’s father is a metallurgist and a gemologist. He started the D.V.E.S.S. Mineral club in the late 1960’s, with some other “rock hound friends”. Jeannie has always felt the vibration, earth energies, of stones and has used these energies as a young child in healing animals, plants and people. Jeannie is a Certified, Trained Herbalist of 50 years, Reflexologist with 45 years’ experience and a Grand Master Reiki Teacher with 40 years’ experience; she was born veiled and is a gifted Psychic Medium. She owns a shop called Spirit to Sole Connection at 23 N. Centre St., Merchantville, NJ, 08109,


 “What crystals work best for your personality?" By Jeannie Francis.

Sunday, November 26th from 1pm to 4pm at our store.
Why are you attracted to certain crystals? What crystals best connect with your personally, your energy fields and your protective fields.
Come out between 1-4pm to have a personal consultation with Jeannie Francis. She will help you align with the best crystals that will work for you and in your personal energetic field.​

Jeannie will be here for 3 hours to help you learn about crystals. Come in anytime during those hours. We are expecting a large crowd and if you need more help you can make an appointment with her for your own special session.

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