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​​Custom made jewelry in Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum.

We also do excellent repairs on all types of jewelry.

We repair jewelry made of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Costume.

Featuring most In-house jewelry repairs:

... Remounting of your Stones
... Soldering, Sizing, Replacing prongs
... Polishing of Gemstones and Metal
... Bracelet, Anklet & Neck Chains repaired / Clasps replaced
... Watch Bands and Batteries replaced
... Restringing and Knotting of Pearls and other Beads
... Custom Gemstone Cutting and polishing

... We fix costume jewelry and have also been known to fix pocketbooks, shoes, statuary, inlayed boxes, etc.

... Lose an earring? Bring it in we may be able to make a match.

... Don't like it anymore! We can make it into anything you can imagine.

... Don't live in New Jersey! Mail us your repairs. Send to Gary's at 404 Marlton Pike East, Ste 7, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

... Other available services include a watchmaker, plater, machine and hand engraving, laser welding.